It was a quite unforgettable Father's Day when Morakot Typhoon hit Taiwan. It brought torrentail downpours, caused flood and some minor damages in my roof garden.

We stayed indoors for past couple of days to keep an eye on the possible overflow into our front door of the house.
We tried to be cautious because we had 3 flash floods from the past experiences and cleaned up for hours without taking breaks.

As the news reported more about the southern Taiwan, the feelings of 921 Earthquake came back to me, a major disaster caused many misfortune families to separated from life or death in one day.
I felt sorry and sad for those who lost their properties or loved ones.

Hopefully, they can put together as soon as possible so they regain their energe to rebuild their homes!

As for my lattest sowing,  I also need to sow again! All of my waterlogged seedlings are gone for good!!
As long as there is life they will be a hope!


前幾次的豪大雨 就淹進過店面 也讓空中野菜園 積水不退過

這次8/8莫拉克颱風 我們也小心翼翼 把所有的排水孔換成較長型的

準備好防颱措施 手電筒 糧食

很幸運的這次雨水大 可是排水還算順利 沒斷水沒斷電就是最大的恩惠

只是風真不小 鄰居招牌被吹掉一片



葉子也被吹的支離破碎 燒焦的樣子

尤其原本茂盛四季豆 兩株 都呈現這樣


柔軟的蔥 韭菜也東倒西歪~~盆栽也是倒的倒!!



空中野菜園也需要時間 再度恢復美麗!!!

新娘花因為葉子細小 即使風雨吹打也呈現朝氣蓬勃 花還是不少 令人欣慰!!



(讓我回想起十年前的921地震~那時家人可擔心了 無法取得聯絡的著急!!)


正在整理或重建家園 受創很深的中南部


8/11中部已經放晴 大家一起加油吧!!!


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